Conference: Following Prophet’s blessed steps

EMSA (European Muslims Student Association) is organizing second one day-conference with an aim to present real picture of Islam in contemporary world. Speakers on this conference will be young people who mainly graduated from  Islamic sciences and Eucation. Topics for disscussion: -The most genuine example of tolerance and solidarity -Activism and striving to create a unity -Spiritual dimension of Prophet’s ... Pročitaj cijeli tekst »

Event: “Mercy to the worlds” on International University of Sarajevo

EMSA is organizing traditional manifestation “Mercy to the worlds”. Members of our club will preform ilahi, recitation and poems as well as recite Qur’an. Our special guest and lecturer will be dr.hfz. Kenan Musić. Lecture will be held in English language. You are all cordially invited to be part of this event! Date and time: 22nd December, 16:30h Location: International ... Pročitaj cijeli tekst »

Alma Hadžić, editor of radio “BIR”

Many Divithana readers are familiar with the voice of Alma Hadžić, editor of radio „BIR“. Many times I wondered who is this pleasant-voiced woman who regularly informs us of events in our community and beyond and who introduces us to many interesting guests. When I finally got a chance to meet her, she made such a strong impression on me ... Pročitaj cijeli tekst »

Suad Bushnaq – Fascinating Music and Film Score Composer

Couple of months ago we made an interview with Canadian/Palestinian/Syrian academic musician. She was especially interesting to us because her origins are Bosnian aslo. Immediately, when we contacted her, she was eager to answer our questions. Previously, we published translation of this interview in Bosnian, now you have opportunity to read it in original form. Inspirative, ambitious, genius. In short ... Pročitaj cijeli tekst »

Exam anxiety

Have you ever entered an exam completely carefree? It is certain that there isn’t a student who never felt fear of entering an exam. The fear of examination and tests or exam anxiety has negative influence in school and other teaching surrounding and most commonly it leads to insufficient achievements, that is reaching the level of success that is lower ... Pročitaj cijeli tekst »

Do you exercise?

Physical activity is one of the crucial factors for health maintenance and improvement; it affects accepting healthy lifestyle and thus improves its quality. It is a perfect way to get your body physically and mentally fit. Since it is impossible to list all the positive aspects of physical activity, we shall mention only some of them: it reduces risk of ... Pročitaj cijeli tekst »

Can a woman do it all? Princess Asma could!

It is true that a woman is the one responsible for  proper family functioning; in charge of housekeeping, raising children but it’s even more true that if she wants to fulfill those commitments properly and the way God wishes and commands, she has to have great knowledge, wisdom and be well acquainted with science, religious as well as other aspects ... Pročitaj cijeli tekst »

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